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Power Supplies
- 80mm Fan
- 120mm Fan
- 140mm Fan
- Modular
- 80 PLUS
- 2.5" External Enclosure
- 3.5" External Enclosure
- Laptop Cooler
- Converter
- Power Tester
- LED Cooling Fan
- Cable
Coolmax 600W 13.5cm Smart Fan Power Supply with single PCI-E
The V-600 is feature a 140mm ultra silent cooling fan and single PCI-E connector to power your high-end graphics card and keep your system cooler. The triple rail 12V outputs design allow for optimum load balancing in better performance and stability.
WATTS:  600W
The VL-series is the power supply for all casual users who needs a pinch of higher than average power - 600 watts. It has all the connectors you need. PCI-E ready for your high-end graphics card, so you can have the enhanced picture you want. With the new 140mm Blue LED cooling fan for the VL-series, you can keep your system cooler and quieter than ever before. The fan comes with an automatic setting to adjust according to the heat dissipation level necessary maintaining a good balance between noise and cooling level.
WATTS:  600W

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